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Frequently Asked Questions

About StateBook

What is StateBook?

StateBook International is the first proprietary online site selection marketplace that enables economic development organizations to showcase their community, Region and State. StateBook dramatically improves the process of site selection by aggregating editorial and objective data from economic development organizations throughout the United States in one centralized, searchable location. Site Selectors and Corporations have the ability to confidentially access, search, compare, and save results on information critical to site selection decisions for each economic development organization microsite.

Do I need an account to use StateBook?

All StateBook users need to create a free account. This account will give you access to a Dashboard where you can change your account information.

Where does StateBook collect its StateBook Stats data and how frequently is it updated?

Our data comes from government and private sources. StateBook data updates are dependent on the update schedule of the source material.  Each data point on StateBook lists a source and date, just click on the ā€œiā€ and the source information will display.    

What level of data is available for each StateBook microsite?

StateBook provides aggregated data down to the county level.  If your EDO represents a city, the data will display for the county in which your city resides.  StateBook EDO members can add their own editorial data to their microsites to best present their specific community. StateBook also provides geosites with data at the County and MSA level.    

How do I create a report with multiple regions using the StateBook Map tool?

1) On our mapping platform, you may select either to search by state, county or MSA (metropolitan statistical area).

2)Using the search bar, find the areas you want to include in your report.  When searched for, they will show up highlighted yellow.

3) Now you must manually select the highlighted region with our select/unselect tool.  Once selected, the region will be included in your report.  If there are some you don't want to include that show up, remove them with the unselect tool.