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Anderson County - Powered by Blue Grass Energy

1201 Lexington Road
Nicholasville, KY 40340
P: +1 888-546-4243


Anderson County Health Department:
They has been serving the residents of Anderson County since 1931. They work daily to build a healthy community where their residents can achieve optimal health in a clean environment, enjoy protection from public health threats, and can access quality health care. They are committed to assuring that essential public health services are met in their community and are dedicated to serving you with the highest quality of services possible.

Personal Health & Wellness

Kentucky Farm Bureau:
Kentucky Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company offers health insurance coverage to its members through Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Health insurance coverage for your entire family or business is important and can provide the peace of mind you deserve.

Healthcare Facilities

Bluegrass Community Hospital:
BGCH is located in the heart of horse country in Versailles, KY. Their facility proudly serves Woodford and Anderson Counties in Central Kentucky. Licensed as a critical access hospital, they offer a broad range of inpatient, surgical, emergency and diagnostic services.
Frankfort Regional Medical Center:
They are dedicated to the improvement of human life through the delivery of compassionate, innovative, and quality care to their community and every individual we serve.


Key Statistics:
  • Average Lead Soil Level: 52.911 ppm
  • Annual Rate of Pesticide Exposure Incidents: 57.1 per 100k (KY average)
  • Annual Rate of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Deaths: 30.2 per 100k
Stats from Health Grove.

Data Name Value
Premature Age Adjusted Motality 404
Poor Physical Health Days per Month 4.1
Poor Mental Health Days per Month 3.8
Fair/Poor Health 16%
Smokers 19%
Obesity 35%
Excessive Drinking 16%
Diabetes 12%
Inactivity 29%
Population to Primary Care Physician 3127:1
Data Name Value
Population < Age 65 Insured 92.90%
Population < Age 65 Uninsured 5.70%


Hospital Name Type Owner ER
No Hospitals Found
Data Name Value
Drinking Water Violation No
Fine Particulate Matter - Average daily PM25 N/A
Air Quality (days)
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Toxins or Other Releases (lbs.)
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