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1201 Lexington Road
Nicholasville, KY 40340
P: +1 888-546-4243


Winterwood Property Management:
Winterwood, Inc. operates as a full-service property management company, which specializes in government-subsidized, multi-family housing. One of the most successful firms in the industry, Winterwood boasts 30 years of exceptional business and service. While the primary objective is to provide affordable and desirable homes, Winterwood is also committed to maintaining full compliance with all applicable government regulations and ensuring the continuous appreciation of each property’s value in order to maximize owner investments.
Disponett Real Estate:
They have been involved with the buying and selling of homes in Lawrenceburg/Anderson Co and adjacent areas for over 39 years. Since inception, they have been an important part of the local community and they will continue to serve all of the area's real estate needs for years to come.

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