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Why Bell County?

We hope you'll come pay a visit to our home in the mountains in Bell County! Whether you're looking to soak in our rich culture and history or seeking outdoor adventure, we have it all. You can visit the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, where Daniel Boone created the original gateway to the western frontier, or our fantastic Pine Mountain State Resort Park.

Visiting the Hensley Settlement allows you to take a step back in time and see what life was like in the early pioneer days. This old mountain settlement, having cabins, barns, and schoolhouses, sits atop Brush Mountain at an elevation of greater than 3,000 feet.

One of the most breath-taking views in all the Appalachia region is the Pinnacle Overlook. Located just a few miles from the visitor center, you can follow signs up a windy black top road to the top of the Cumberland Mountain. Views into Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee can be seen from the overlook and not too far from the Pinnacle Overlook is the Three-State marker, where you can stand in all three states at once!

Data Name Value Percent
Total Population 27,469  
Median Age 41.6  
Bachelor's Degree or Higher, Age 25+ 1,801 9.31%
High School Degree or Higher, Age 25+ 13,010 67.22%
Civilian Labor Force 8,306 37.22%
Median Household Income $23,558  
Major airports within area + 100 mile radius
Airport Name
Mc Ghee Tyson
Regional airports within area + 100 mile radius None
General aviation airports within area + 50 mile radius
Airport Name
Campbell County
Lee County
London-Corbin Arpt-Magee Field
Mc Creary County
Middlesboro-Bell County
New Tazewell Muni
Tucker-Guthrie Memorial
Williamsburg-Whitley County