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Why Carter County?

Carter County is an area of unmatched natural beauty. Outdoors or indoors, a trip to Carter County will give one a refreshing look at life in a serene Eastern Kentucky town.

A unique event that Carter County takes part in is the annual Route 60 Yard Sale. Stretching 40 miles, from Boyd to Rowan County, the event features a variety of merchandise from sellers near and far.

Encircling the county are Grayson Lake, Carter Caves State Park, and Greenbo Lake, making it perfect for swimming, camping, and a multitude of recreational activities. The Carter County region has the highest concentration of caves to be found in any area of Kentucky. Two of the park’s caves offer guided tours year-round, Cascade Cave and X-Cave. Enjoy a subterranean adventure, created by nature over millions of years.

Data Name Value Percent
Total Population 27,290  
Median Age 41.0  
Bachelor's Degree or Higher, Age 25+ 2,540 13.65%
High School Degree or Higher, Age 25+ 14,533 78.12%
Civilian Labor Force 9,509 43.37%
Median Household Income $33,067  
Major airports within area + 100 mile radius Tri-State/Milton J Ferguson Field
Regional airports within area + 100 mile radius None
General aviation airports within area + 50 mile radius
Airport Name
Ashland Rgnl
Greater Portsmouth Rgnl
Lawrence County Airpark
Morehead-Rowan County Clyde A Thomas Rgnl
West Liberty