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In Casey County, we believe that quality education is essential to the development of a prepared workforce.  Through the leadership of the Casey County School Board and Superintendent Marion Sowders, the K-12 school system in Casey County has developed into one of the strongest in the Commonwealth.  The Casey County School System strives to build a solid foundation of education on which we can grow and develop a quality workforce to meet the needs of industry.

Excellence keeps moving in Casey County!


Excellence begins at a young age in Casey County.

The principals, teachers and staff in our elementary schools are leading the way in elementary education! Our three elementary schools, Walnut Hill Elementary, Liberty Elementary and Jones Park Elementary, have set the bar high for students.The evidence of such efforts are in the numbers. Below are a few of the recent awards and accomplishments of the Casey County elementary schools:
  • Top 5% of Schools in Kentucky (2012-2104)--Liberty Elementary
  • Distinguished School (2012-2014)--Liberty Elementary
  • 87th Percentile Rank-Unbridled Learning--Walnut Hill
  • Proficient School-Unbridled Learning--Jones Park
These achievements have been attained by the implementation of programs such as these:
  • The Leader in Me Program
    • Utilizes the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leadership
    • Focuses on student leadership both in and out of classroom
    • Student-lead parent teacher conferences
    • Student-lead assemblies
  • The Future-STEM Classroom
    • Focus on Next Generation Science Standards
    • Engineering, Biomedical, and Computer Science components
    • Hands-on Math and Technology instruction
  • Born Learning Program
    • Emphasis on birth-5 yrs
    • Provides support for parents
    • Encourages at home education to support in-school learning
  • Entrepreneurial Unit for 5th and 6th Grade
    • Encourages innovation
    • Develops entrepreneurial mindset
    • Grows problem solving skills
These programs, combined with passionate and highly qualified teachers are helping to blaze the trail and provide a solid foundation for our elementary students.    

As students transition into Casey County Middle School, they find that the same standards of excellence still apply.  At CCMS, programs are in place that strive to encourage and challenge those gifted and talented students while providing the extra instruction needed for struggling learners.

Below are a few of the programs and accomplishments that you will find at CCMS:

  • 75 Chromebooks creating 2.5 Chromebook labs
  • MobyMax
    • Web-based adaptive curriculum
      • Math
      • Reading
      • Social Studies
    • Allows gifted students to progress at a more rapid rate
    • Provides extra instruction for struggling student
  • After school Math and Language Arts Tutoring
    • Teacher conducted tutoring
    • Ensures that no child misses the opportunity to learn
  • Enrichment Programs for Gifted and Talented
    • Ten  7th Graders Enrolled in online high school courses
    • Eight 8th Graders attending Geometry courses at Casey County High School and attended the Gatton Academy of Math and Science at Western Kentucky University
    • Thirty-two 8th Graders on pace to be eligible for Algebra II upon entering High School
    • Ten 7th Graders accelerated to Algebra I
    • Twenty-one 7th & 8th Graders identified as gifted in the Arts