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Why Elliott County?

Tucked away in the hills, Elliott County is at the top of the watershed ensuring pure pristine streams that fill Grayson Lake ten miles north of Sandy Hook. Six other state parks are within an hour's drive.

The land is characterized by small family farms scattered through rolling hills. Agriculture is the main stay of the economy with many farmers diversifying land use.

Pristine Natural Areas are characteristic of this remote part of Kentucky where the moon and stars light up the night sky. Internationally known folk artists, heritage crafters, an intriguing history, peaceful country atmosphere, lots of open space, bluegrass and country musicians are aspects of our culture that grasp the attention of those who visit the area.

The Laurel Gorge Cultural Heritage Center directs visitors to other places of interest. Out the backdoor of the Center, the Kentucky Native Flora Garden welcomes visitors to the Laurel Gorge Hiking Trail, a two-mile interpretive area with the first portion accessible to everyone.

Data Name Value Percent
Total Population 7,517  
Median Age 41.9  
Bachelor's Degree or Higher, Age 25+ 462 8.34%
High School Degree or Higher, Age 25+ 4,322 78.04%
Civilian Labor Force 1,880 29.73%
Median Household Income $33,377  
Major airports within area + 100 mile radius Tri-State/Milton J Ferguson Field
Regional airports within area + 100 mile radius None
General aviation airports within area + 50 mile radius
Airport Name
Ashland Rgnl
Big Sandy Rgnl
Julian Carroll
Lawrence County Airpark
Morehead-Rowan County Clyde A Thomas Rgnl
West Liberty