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Frankfort is a focal point in central Kentucky for service, manufacturing and government functions and has successfully avoided much of the high unemployment rates that manifested themselves in the state of Kentucky during the recent recession. A diverse economy and a highly educated labor force helped to shield us from seeing the worst of the worldwide economic crisis. Currently, within our Labor Market Area, the civilian labor force consists of 800,673 individuals, with a 5% unemployment rate.
  • Total Population: (2013) 49,648
  • Population-Labor Market Area 1,586,864
  • Unemployment Rate: (2015) 4.1%
  • Civilian Labor Force – Labor Market Area: (2015) 800,673
  • High School Graduates 83.6%
  • Bachelor degree or higher 27.4%
  • Future Workforce: (2015-2017) 79,727
  • Median Household Income: (2012) 46,946
  • Personal Income (2012) 38,653

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