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The importance of a trained workforce has never been greater. As companies think globally, it’s imperative that Frankfort’s workforce be the very best it can be to remain competitive and provide good jobs for its citizens. That’s why Frankfort provides a variety of services to companies so they can find, train and retain a skilled workforce and to help people find jobs and achieve their career goals. Comprised of partner organizations throughout the state, The Kentucky Skills Network works with new and existing companies to match employer needs with available workforce resources. Through options such as reimbursable grants and tax credits for classroom training, on-the-job training, tuition and certification training, train-the-trainer travel, and entry level and skills upgrade training; Kentucky has resources that allow flexible and customizable training specific to company needs. Through the Cabinet for Economic Development and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS), the Kentucky Skills Network administers the following training programs for new and expanding industry: 1. Grant-in-Aid (GIA) - The GIA program provides up to 50 percent reimbursement of eligible costs to companies/consortia for approved training activities. 2. Skills Training Investment Credit (STIC) - The STIC program provides tax credits to companies for up to 50 percent of company specific training activities. 3. KCTCS - Workforce Solutions - Through the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, Workforce Solutions provides companies with grant funding to assist with the cost of KCTCS workforce training and assessment services to current, as well as, potential employees. Workforce Solutions funding is divided into incumbent worker and location/expansion projects. KY FAME (The Kentucky Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education) is a company-sponsored partnership of regional employers who share the goal of creating a pipeline of highly skilled workers. Employers actually start training students while they are still in school. Students receive hands-on and classroom training that gives them access to high-paying advanced manufacturing jobs. The Kentucky Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (KY FAME) is a partnership of regional manufacturers whose purpose is to implement dual-track apprenticeship-style training that will create a pipeline of highly skilled workers. The primary method to achieve this goal is through partnerships with local educational institutions to offer the Advanced Manufacturing Technician Program (AMT). The purpose of the KY FAME is to be the catalyst for developing world-class technical talent for manufacturing. KY FAME strives to be a conduit between industry and education with a primary focus on meeting the needs of manufacturers.

We at Franklin County - Powered by Blue Grass Energy are updating the information on this page. Check back soon!

We at Franklin County - Powered by Blue Grass Energy are updating the information on this page. Check back soon!

View workforce data for year:
View data for year:
* Minimum wage for workers covered by the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act. The Federal wage prevails if it is higher than the state standard.
Data Name Value
Right to Work State?
Kentucky Yes
Minimum Wage
Kentucky $7.25