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Southern Border Broadband Consortium
The Southern Border Broadband Consortium is an ongoing initiative dedicated to providing internet services to underserved communities within the border region of Southern California. The California Advanced Services Fund has helped finance the SBBC in its efforts to expand internet connectivity in the San Diego and Imperial counties. In 2017, this foundation has approved four new projects that will help provide internet connectivity for more than 13,000 households in six counties across California. In addition, the California Emerging Technology Fund has helped subsidize the SBBC. This venture is largely supported by the successful mergers of SBC-AT&T and Verizon-MCI. These new entities have contributed $60 million to further advance broadband connectivity efforts in California for the next five years. SBBC wants to assist in making use of those funds regionally.

May 2019 Update
The Southern Border Broadband Consortium has been working hard to increase our community outreach and awareness. Rene Pollard was hired in September 2018 as the Outreach Coordinator. The marketing and outreach materials have been revised to increase the collection of internet needs surveys at resource fairs, workshops, and community events. USB devices are given out when a questionnaire is completed, which has increased exponentially!

The SBBC has been continuing our collaboration with local agencies to bridge the Digital Divide, including the Boys and Girls Club of Imperial Valley, WPNP, Tech Depot, ICOE, Area Agency on Aging, SBDC, GeoLinks, and Calipatria Unified School District. We have increased the number of community events we are attending and have several more on the calendar for this quarter. Spectrum has been working with SBBC to determine locations for five Wi-Fi towers to be installed in Imperial County. Educational workshops are being drafted in coordination with the Area Agency on Aging and the Small Business Development Center, following the NTIA's Toolkit guidelines.

SBBC is coordinating with the Boys and Girls Club of Imperial Valley, Workforce Development Board, Spectrum, and ICOE to establish Digital Literacy Centers throughout Imperial County to provide a work area with laptops and iPads for students attending the facilities. If you are interested in donating any computers, laptops, iPads, or sponsorship, or for more information on these centers, please contact Glenna Barrett at

SBBC traveled to Oakland in December 2018, and Sacramento in March 2019 to attend the California Emerging Technology Fund Board of Experts Advisors Roundtable. It was a great opportunity to meet and interact with key people at CETF as well as several representatives of the CPUC in attendance and continuing involvement at the state level to maintain forward momentum. Topics of discussion included the use of broadband for improving emergency services, digital inclusion, and perspectives and proposals from local government.

Our most recent quarterly meeting was held in conjunction with the Communications, Technology, and Digital Inclusion Panel of speakers at the Imperial Valley Renewable Energy Summit on April 24, 2019. The event was hosted by Imperial Valley Economic Development Corporation and was held at Imperial Valley College. The panel was moderated by Buz Schott of Charter Communications. Panelists included Matt Rantanen with Digital Tribal Village; Teri Sanders with Imperial County Office of Education; Philip Deneef with GeoLinks; and Antonio Romayor, Jr. with El Centro Elementary School District. Philip Deneef presented at a breakout session on how to get connected in rural communities. Philip provided interactive maps and information on areas GeoLinks is assisting communities in getting connected to broadband in the area.

The Imperial County Office of Education hosted Tech de Mayo and the Celebration of Education to support efforts to close the Digital Divide for families as well as closing homework gap for students without internet access at home, SBBC was able to sponsor both of these events. ICOE has been busy expanding its BorderLink project to install towers and provide students with connectivity at home.

SBBC has been working with the California Public Utilities Commission to get the word out about their meetings and infrastructure grant opportunities. More information can be found at their website (

The USDA Rural Development office is dispersing information on their ReConnect Program, which offers loans, grants, and loan/grant combinations to facilitate broadband deployment in areas of rural America without sufficient access to broadband. More can be found about that program on their website (

Energy Utilities

The Imperial Valley is home to various investment opportunities for renewable energy projects. The following types of alternative energy are key economic drivers for this industry within the Imperial Valley:
  • Solar
  • Geothermal
  • Wind
  • BioMass

Utility Programs & Resources

Southern California Energy Innovation Network (SCEIN)
The Southern California Energy Innovation Network is a free program that helps startups develop solutions to help California meet its energy goals. This initiative provides access to resources and facilities of a number of regional organizations along with various industry connections to help facilitate the commercialization of emerging energy technologies. Eligible applicants for SCEIN must meet all of the following criteria:
  1. The company must have a California business address
  2. The company must currently operate out of (or have near-term plans to do business in) one of the four counties in our territory: San Diego, Imperial, Riverside, or San Bernardino
  3. The company’s technology must be energy-related with the ability to benefit California’s electric ratepayers. It should fall under one of five general categories:
  • Energy Efficiency (envelope, lighting, HVAC, plug loads, pumps, energy management software)
  • Renewable Energy Generation (wind, solar, wave, geothermal, hydro)
  • Energy Storage (battery materials, electrochemical, mechanical, and thermal storage devices)
  • Smart Grid and Energy Services (demand response, energy IoT, smart metering, DERMS, data analytics, and microgrid technologies)
  • Clean Transportation (EV charging infrastructure and software platforms)


Water Rates 
  • $20 per acre foot (Agricultural rate)(Aquaculture) 
  • $85 per acre foot (Industrial rate)(Process water) (1 acre foot = 326,000 gallons) 
Water Availability 
  • Current balance of 21.2 million gallons PER DAY of industrial rate water 
Energy Rates 
  • 7.3 to 11.2¢ per kwh (rates depend on load demand and IID board approval)

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  Consumer Down Up Business Down Up
All Broadband Yes 987 100 Yes 1000 1000
Providers (22)
  Consumer Down Up Business Down Up
Antilles Wireless LLC Yes 100 100 Yes * *
AT&T California Yes 25 6 No 0 0
Beamspeed, L.L.C. Yes 5 2 Yes * *
BullsEye Telecom, Inc. No 0 0 Yes * *
Charter Communications, Inc. Yes 940 35 Yes 200 200
EarthLink Business, LLC No 0 0 Yes 5 5
Fisher Wireless Services, Inc. Yes 1.50 1.50 No 0 0
Frontier Communications Corporation Yes 25 3 Yes * *
GCI Communication Corp. No 0 0 Yes * *
HNS License Sub, LLC Yes 25 3 Yes * *
Level 3 Communications, LLC No 0 0 Yes 1000 1000
MCI Communications Corporation No 0 0 Yes 12 12
PAETEC Communications, Inc. No 0 0 Yes 10 1
Spectrotel, Inc. No 0 0 Yes 100 100
Transtelco, Inc. No 0 0 Yes 1000 1000
U.S. TelePacific Corp. No 0 0 Yes 250 250
Utility Telecom Group, LLC No 0 0 Yes 1000 1000
ViaSat, Inc. Yes 100 4 Yes * *
VSAT Systems, LLC Yes 2 1.30 Yes 2 1.30
XO Communications Services, LLC No 0 0 Yes 5 5
Technologies (10)
  Consumer Down Up Business Down Up
ADSL2, ADSL2+ Yes 25 6 Yes 15 2
Asymmetric xDSL Yes 6 1 Yes 5 1.50
Cable Modem – DOCSIS 3.0 Yes 100 100 Yes * *
Cable Modem – DOCSIS 3.1 Yes 987 35 Yes * *
Cable Modem other than DOCSIS 1, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, or 3.1 Yes 5 2 Yes 100 10
Optical Carrier / Fiber to the end user Yes 100 10 Yes 1000 1000
Other Copper Wireline No 0 0 Yes 100 100
Satellite Yes 100 4 Yes 2 1.30
Terrestrial Fixed Wireless Yes 30 30 Yes * *
VDSL Yes 25 5 Yes 25 5
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Natural Gas Data (Price Per Thousand Cubic Feet)

State Commercial Residential Industrial
California $8.04 $11.39 $6.41