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Data Name Value
State Tax Ranks (Kentucky)
Overall 18
Corporate Tax 15
Individual Income Tax 17
Sales Tax 13
Unemployment Insurance Tax 21
Property Tax 49
State Sales Tax Rates (Kentucky)
Sales Tax 6.000%
State Unemployment Insurance Tax Rates (Kentucky)
Minimum 1.0000%
Maximum 10.0000%
Taxable Wage Base $11,100
Most Favorable Schedule - Minimum 0.0000%
Most Favorable Schedule - Maximum 9.0000%
Least Favorable Schedule - Minimum 1.0000%
Least Favorable Schedule - Maximum 10.0000%
State Property & Capital Stock Tax Rates (Kentucky)
Property Tax Collections Per Capita $845
Property Tax Collections - Percentage of Income 2.00%
Capital Stock Tax Rate N/A
Capital Stock Maximum Payment N/A
Payment Options for CST and CIT None
Real Estate Taxes
Median Real Estate Taxes Paid
Bath County, KY   $728
Bourbon County, KY   $1,288
Bracken County, KY   $913
Fleming County, KY   $676
Harrison County, KY   $1,009
Mason County, KY   $958
Nicholas County, KY   $605
Pendleton County, KY   $1,183
Robertson County, KY   $894
State Income Tax Rates (Kentucky)
≥ $0 5.000%
Individual (Ordinary Income)  
≥ $0 5.000%