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The impact of homeownership offers other outcomes. Several researchers have reached the conclusion that, all else being equal, home ownership has a positive impact on children within the household. Among these benefits is an increased educational attainment for children, a lower teen-age pregnancy rate, a higher lifetime annual income for children raised in an owned home. Although the level and benefits of community involvement are hard to measure, several researchers have found that homeowners tend to be more involved in their communities and local governments then renters. For instance, owners participate in a greater number of non-professional organizations and have higher voter participation rates. In addition to higher civic participation, owners also tend to remain in their homes longer, adding stability and familiarity to the neighborhood, and also tend to spend more time and money maintaining their residence.

New Projects

Three Berea area highway projects are scheduled to begin this year, according to the state’s six-year transportation plan released last week by the Bevin administration. The plan is subject to approval by the General Assembly. The plan calls for completion of the Berea Bypass from US 25 North to KY 21 around the northeast section of the city to begin. And reconstruction of US 25 from Ellipse Street to the intersection with the Berea Bypass is also slated. The 3.6-mile bypass project is estimated to cost $22.42 million, while widening the 1.2-mile stretch of US 25 North is projected to cost $6.22 million. Reconfiguration of US 25’s intersection with Main Street at the College Square in Berea is also scheduled for this year.

Availability of Homes

In the unincorporated portion of the county there are presently more than 220 major residential subdivisions (with 10 or more housing units), and several hundred more minor residential subdivisions. Virtually all parts of the county have experienced residential development since 1990, with the majority of larger-scale subdivisions taking place within the Urban Corridor, and most minor subdivisions located outside the corridor. This growth pattern continued until 2007 when the economic turn-down of the Country began. Graphs indicates that 71% people in Madison county have their own house which quiet higher than national percentage of 63.9%.

Areas Being Developed

All areas of madison county are being developed.

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