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As businesses expand and move into Maysville, the housing market is growing as well. Houses in all ranges of price, style and location are available in both existing homes and new construction. New subdivisions pop up every year. Golf course communities, rural vistas and spacious lots can be found in Maysville as well as the surrounding county. 

Maysville offers low property taxes compared to metropolitan areas, a feature that is hard to beat. Real estate tax per $100 in the city of Maysville is just $1.057 - or about $1500 for a house valued at $150,000. Some nearby metro areas compare to nearly double that. 

Combine low taxes and low utilities with proximity to area amenities, and you get an outstanding community with hometown charm. Maysville is a great place to live for a little while or a lifetime. 

Availability of Homes

In addition to permanent residences, a selection of rental properties is available. An often overlooked, but wonderful option is the historic downtown area, Renovation of historic second floors and availability of townhouses in the downtown area add a unique dimension in available houses in the area.
Good sources of information on current rental properties and new home listings are available with local reality companies or online at:

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