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Commuting Programs

Thanks to Maysville's central location in the United States, transportation is both economical and available in a variety of forms. 

Transit Programs

Maysville has a long history of public transportation. Street cars were authorized by the Maysville City Commission in an ordinance dated March 12, 1883. The ordinance provided that they be drawn "by  mules only"

An ordinance dates May 1, 1980 abolished the mule drawn cars to make way for electrically powered cars.

The Maysville Transit Co. replaced the street cars on Jan 1, 1937. The far was a nickel. The transit company made its last run on New Year's Eve in 1941, at the expiration of their 5 -year franchise.

The Transit system evolved over the years under the guidence of such families as the Hardymons, Tomlins, and Dukes, until the City of Maysville took over the system in 1960.

The City of Maysville has been providing public transportation for its citizens for over 45 years. (606) 759-0419

Cost is:
Adults: .25 Cents
Students: .15 Cents
Children under 5: Free
Senior Citizens: Free with Senior Pass