The City of Harrodsburg is run by a City Commission of four members, along with a Mayor. Mercer County is run by the County Judge Executive along with six magistrates representing all areas of the county.

Key Policy Issues

Partnerships and collaborative meetings are held regularly to address issues and improvements for our area.  Contact Jill Cutler at 859-734-2365 to receive assistance.

Business Support

The Harrodsburg/Mercer County Industrial Development Authority (HMCIDA) is an agency that helps expedite and move through regulations, resolutions and actions relating to industry in the area. Please contact them at (859) 734-0063.

Connecting with Elected Officials

City of Harrodsburg, Mayor Art Freeman (859) 734-7705.
Mercer County Offices, Judge Milward Dedman (859) 734-6300

* On this page, the term "Lieutenant Governor" is used for the person who stands in for the governor. This person is not called "Lieutenant Governor" in all states.
Name Term
Governor (Kentucky)
Andy Beshear (D) 2019-2023
Lieutenant Governor (Kentucky)
Jacqueline Coleman (D) 2019-2023
Senators (Kentucky)
Rand Paul (R) 2017-2023
Mitch McConnell (R) 2021-2027
Representatives (Kentucky)
Brett Guthrie (R) District 2