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The workforce in our area is at a high level. Higher education levels and low unemployment rates typify our workforce. Skill levels of all types are represented.


Higher education rates and local certification programs through vocational training are the strengths of our workforce.


As in all areas and cultures, essential skills training is a necessity and priority for our workforce.

Workforce & Training

A variety of programs are in place to help with the workforce issues. Senior Seminar and Middle School Connections are just two of the programs that introduce students to options and needs, as well as skill set needed, in the workforce. Hughes Jones Area Technology Center, Mercer Adult Education and Bluegrass Community and Technical College all have training available for most all employment areas.

Unemployment, Labor Force and Skilled Workforce

The most recent statistics has the Mercer Co. unemployment rate at 4.9%.

Did You Know?

  • Mercer County's unemployment rate of 4.9% is one of the lowest in the state of Kentucky.

Occupations Overview

Occupations in our area are varied and all encompassing. Manufacturing, Agriculture, Tourism, Health Care and Education are the major career fields.

We at Mercer County - Powered by Inter County Energy Cooperative are updating the information on this page. Check back soon!

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* Minimum wage for workers covered by the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act. The Federal wage prevails if it is higher than the state standard.
Data Name Value
Right to Work State?
Kentucky Yes
Minimum Wage
Kentucky $7.25