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Metcalfe County - Powered by Farmers RECC

109 East Stockton Street
Edmonton, KY 42129
P: +1 270-432-3222

Why Metcalfe County?

Metcalfe County is a  rather small county with a population of just over 10,000 people. A slower paced, less hectic life is enjoyed by those who live here. Metcalfe County is located in close proximity (20 minute drive) to larger towns who offer most of the amenities one would want or need. We are also located within just a couple of hours drive from the much larger cities of Louisville and Lexington, KY or Nashville, TN.

In the spring, the winding roads and hillsides are beautiful with the blooming of redbuds and dogwood trees. In the summer, one can enjoy lush green pastures with cattle grazing.  Fall brings a blaze of color and in the winter, one might expect a pristine snowfall or two!

The scenic countryside and glorious four seasons are wonderful but the very best thing about Metcalfe County, KY is the friendliness of our people! If one is looking for a near perfect place to live , one would be hard pressed to find a community better  than Metcalfe County!