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Nicholas County is very proud of the hard work of our students. According to Kentucky State reports, Nicholas County has a High School attainment rate of 92%, which is well ahead of the State average of 86.1%.

Community Education

Currently, the Nicholas County Public Library offers an Adult Education program for anyone in the community who would like to attend the courses.

Education and Workforce Partnership Efforts

In partnership with the Maysville Community and Technical College, Carlisle-Nicholas County can offer your business attractive workforce development and training programs customized to your business needs.


Nicholas County prides itself as being ahead of the Kentucky State average for educational attainment. Education plays a big part in the overall health of our local economy, and this is why Nicholas County continues to seek even higher standards.


Nicholas County is a community rich in religious history, so it should come as no surprise that we are home to the New Beginnings Christian Acadamy. A K-8 school, New Beginnings is focused on higher education while providing a Christ focused foundation.

Community Colleges

Nicholas County is served by the Maysville Community and Technical College to help ensure that our community is workforce ready.

Vocational & Technical

The Kentucky Welding Institute is an emerging and reputable facility servicing Carlisle-Nicholas County.

In addition to their General Education offerings, Maysville Community and Technical College is also proud to serve the region and offer a host of vocational and technical trainings. From welding and industrial electric programs, to nursing and business administration; Maysville offers students in the region the skills they need to succeeded in any market.

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