Personal Health & Wellness

Our YMCA on the town square in Carlisle offers so much to so many in our community. You can keep up with the activities and offerings on their Facebook page: click here.

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Pollution is a limited issue for Carlisle-Nicholas County.  There's plenty of fresh air in this idyllic setting.

Data Name Value
Premature Age Adjusted Motality 573
Poor Physical Health Days per Month 5.1
Poor Mental Health Days per Month 4.7
Fair/Poor Health 23.00%
Smokers 23.70%
Obesity 34.90%
Excessive Drinking 13.25%
Diabetes 14.10%
Inactivity 31%
Population to Primary Care Physician 2,361:1
Data Name Value
Population < Age 65 Insured 93.60%
Population < Age 65 Uninsured 8.10%


Hospital Name Type Owner ER
No Hospitals Found

Drinking Water Violations

Drinking Water Violations Yes
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