Operation Oswego County

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Oswego, NY 13126
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Key Policy Issues

The 2017 Economic Advancement Plan is a multi-year plan to grow Oswego County's economy. The plan looks at what we have and what needs work, then provides steps to get us where we want to go. The plan was developed through the efforts of county government in cooperation with a wide range of community leaders.

In late 2015, Entergy announced its plans to shutter the FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant in Oswego County. Community leaders, elected officials and county citizens came together to form the Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition (UEJ). The UEJ rallied support for a change to the NYS PSC's Clean Energy Standard to include a provision for nuclear power. On April 1, 2017, the Clean Energy Standard (CES), including the nuclear provision, and the Zero Emission Credits (ZECs) went into effect. These policies reward energy producers who have low or no carbon emissions as part of their production process.

In 2000, Governor Andrew Cuomo implemented Regional Economic Development Councils (REDC) throughout New York State. These councils created 10 regions that would compete for state funding. Oswego County is part of the Central New York REDC, one of the top winning regions in the state. In 2016, Governor Cuomo instituted the Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI), a separate pot of money that the REDCs could compete for. The DRI money would be granted to a single municipality within each region. The City of Oswego was the winner of the DRI funding for the CNY REDC in that first year. Many of the projects are in progress now and changing the look, feel and vibrancy of downtown Oswego! The City of Fulton has and will continue to compete for DRI funding.

Business Support

Operation Oswego County participates in the Shovel Ready New York program in many of our industrial parks which can reduce project development time.

OOC has also commissioned several comprehensive site profiles to expedite development by identifying site characteristics, creating conceptual site plans, and pre-approving specific business uses and land impacts.

Connecting with Elected Officials

Every February, the County of Oswego publishes a directory of Federal, State and local government officials. This directory provides mailing address, website/email and phones numbers for our governing elected officials.

Additionally, many of our elected officials can be found through their social media profiles.

Did You Know?

* On this page, the term "Lieutenant Governor" is used for the person who stands in for the governor. This person is not called "Lieutenant Governor" in all states.
Name Term
Governor (New York)
Andrew Cuomo (D) 2019-2023
Lieutenant Governor (New York)
Kathy Hochul (D) 2019-2023
Senators (New York)
Chuck Schumer (D) 2017-2023
Kirsten Gillibrand (D) 2019-2025
Representatives (New York)
Vacant (None) District 22
John Katko (R) District 24