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Port of Muskogee

216 West Okmulgee
Muskogee, OK 74401
P: +1 918-682-7887


Muskogee is governed by a council-manager form of municipal government. The city manager is the administrative leader of the government and is appointed by the city council. The city's ceremonial head is the mayor, who is a voting, at-large member of the council with limited administrative power. The current city manager, Mike Miller and Mayor is Bob Coburn. The city is divided into four wards, with two members of the city council elected from each. Each member of the council is elected by the city as a whole but must reside in the ward he or she represents. Elections are held on the first Tuesday in April in each even-numbered year. All elections are non-partisan; the mayor and the members of the city council receive no salary or compensation for their services.

Key Policy Issues

Main Street Muskogee
Assisting with the promotion and development of our downtown business environment, the newly formed Main Street Muskogee Board of Directors, is working towards reviving the heart and soul of Downtown Muskogee.

AIM: Action in Muskogee Community Visioning Process
Started in 2012 through five public community visioning sessions, the insights, priorities and visions of more than 370 area residents were compiled into an Action in Muskogee (AIM) Plan, to make this a more vibrant community in which to live, work, learn and play and thereby build a brighter future for Muskogee and the surrounding area.Initiatives identified to improve Muskogee:

* Education Excellence
* Safe and Secure Community*
* Sustainability
* Great Community

Business Support

Port of Muskogee Industrial Development Office

Location / Expansion Assistance
  • Assess project requirements
  • Locate suitable buildings or sites
  • Coordinate site tours with building owners and/or realtors
  • Expedited permitting and zoning assistance
  • Take control of property (through options)
  • Provide introductions to financial sources
  • Propose financing alternatives
  • Assist with financing package
  • List applicable taxes
  • Detail tax exemptions that apply
  • Estimate tax liability
  • Outline available incentives
Business Assistance
  • Facilitate B2B introductions
  • Support networking and information sharing through through the Greater Muskogee Manufacturers Alliance (GMMA)
  • Provide workforce and training assistance
  • Communicate local training and workforce development opportunities
  • Assist with redesign of facility layouts
  • Identify opportunities for energy efficiency and savings
  • Implement lean manufacturing concepts
  • Arrange for R&D support
  • Deliver export and trade assistance
  • Promote products and services at national and international trade shows
  • Conduct goodwill visits to corporate headquarters
Liaison Assistance 
  • Introduce businesses to Muskogee and its leaders
  • Represent prospective companies before public bodies
  • Meet with local, state, and federal officials to discuss regulations that impact business
  • Arrange special events and media coverage
Community Data & Market Research 
  • Quantify demographics
  • List economic indicators
  • Identify support services
  • Provide list of existing industries
  • Organize labor surveys
  • Conduct wage and salary surveys
  • Deliver supply chain and market research
  • Prepare transportation profile
  • Obtain freight rate structure
  • Prepare comparative costs of trucking, rail and barge
  • Provide cost of living information
  • List recreational and cultural assets
  • Describe opportunities available in our educational systems from primary to post-secondary levels
Special Events 
  • Host ground breaking ceremonies for companies
  • Conduct industry recognition events

* On this page, the term "Lieutenant Governor" is used for the person who stands in for the governor. This person is not called "Lieutenant Governor" in all states.
Name Term
Governor (Oklahoma)
Kevin Stitt (R) 2019-2023
Lieutenant Governor (Oklahoma)
Matt Pinnell (R) 2019-2023
Senators (Oklahoma)
Jim Inhofe (R) 2015-2021
James Lankford (R) 2017-2023
Representatives (Oklahoma)
Markwayne Mullin (R) District 2