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Leading technology for spatial and data analysis.  Your single trusted source.

Explore StateBook's interactive Calypso API below.

Calypso drops into any website in just a few lines of code, providing robust data and visualization tools for your users.

Want to see interactive data for other regions?


Decision-Making & Unleash Strategic Insights

Do More with Existing Resources.

With StateBook as single source:

  • Right-size subscription costs
  • Free up to 50% more time to focus on insights and drivers
  • Find more opportunities
  • Close more deals


Power Reporting for Purpose, Speed & Scale

Gain Information Advantage.

  • Access actionable market insights
  • Easily retrieve timely, flexible, intuitive economic market data with customer-ready visualizations


Digital Intelligence

Empower Elevated Decisions.

With StateBook as single source:

  • Monitor emerging data sets like mobility to reduce risk, increase resiliency and optimize for success
  • Future-proof with digital data and comparative analysis

License StateBook's Data APIs*

to easily embed StateBook data into your own digital platform or application

*Application Programming Interface

Data API

Visualize data your own way!

License Atlas, StateBook's REST API, to access our raw data and generate your own customized data visualizations in your platform or application. We'll do the data aggregation maintenance and updates for you.

Visualization API

Or, embed our custom-ready data insights!

License Calypso, StateBook's JavaScript presentation API, to add economic market insights already visualized in interactive GIS maps, tables, charts and graphs to your digital platform or application.


Licensing Options

StateBook data licenses are flexible and customizable to fit your budget and specific needs.
License StateBook data by:


Choose a single city or region or data for the entire U.S.

Data Components

License only the data sets you need.


Choose current year data or add data over time for trending.

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