Texarkana Region Workforce Target Analysis

StateBook partnered with Foote Consulting, LLC of Arizona to produce a comprehensive Workforce Needs and Alignment Study, Input/Output Analysis and Recommendations for the Texarkana region, which encompasses 15 counties within the states of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

The report identifies “best fit” target industries based on current and past industry clusters and in-person interviews with leadership from over 50 major companies, educational institutions, and local municipalities in the area to accurately understand the region’s strengths and weaknesses for accommodating targeted growth industries. As part of the study, StateBook and Foote Consulting also analyzed the percentage of skilled workers available in the region, including training among educational systems at the K-12, Community College and University levels.

For more information on how StateBook can help your organization obtain comprehensive analyses around industries, labor, skilled workforce, infrastructure, utility capacity and other site selection criteria, please contact us.

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America’s Deficient Bridges: A State-by-State Comparison 2017

The 2nd Annual StateBook bridge report provides a state-by-state scorecard on the condition of the nation’s bridge infrastructure and the financing required for repair and rehabilitation to enable our bridges to meet modern standards required for economic and business growth.

Sourced from the latest government agency data, StateBook’s report provides a concise, easy-to-understand review of America’s bridge infrastructure; the cost for reconstruction and repair; the traditional role of the federal government in rehabilitating or rebuilding bridges; and proposed funding considerations.

Detailed individual state reports are available upon request from StateBook.

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Electricity in America: Present & Future Generation

StateBook International has released the first of a series of reports examining electricity generation, consumption, transmission and distribution.

This first report, "Electricity in America: Present & Future Generation," reviews historical, current and planned electricity generation at the national and state levels and breaks down generation by source (nuclear, natural gas, wind, etc.). The report also details planned capacity additions through 2027 and planned generation retirements through 2046.

Using the most recent data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, this report provides economic development and business professionals a comprehensive understanding of the approach their state is taking to generate electricity now and in the future as well as the state’s current capacity versus demand and the planned source mix.

Detailed state reports are available by request from StateBook.

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Trump & Clinton Counties Report

As President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take office amidst calls for reshoring and growing American jobs, StateBook International provides a detailed snapshot of the nation’s 3,112 pro-Trump and pro-Hillary counties by education, occupation, income, poverty levels, age and race and ethnicity.

As Trump works to make good on his promises to double economic growth to over 4 percent and to create 25 million new jobs in 10 years, the nation will be watching to see how these county characteristics actually evolve.

Many economic development organizations are already examining how many people are employed in their counties, where their industry clusters are and what degrees, certificates and awards are being offered in their communities, then comparing that data to the actual open jobs postings in their communities to understand how best to address workforce skills gaps that may exist in their communities. These issues, coupled with the need to update much of our national infrastructure, address tax and regulation issues, budget shortfalls and more will present significant challenges to the president-elect’s agenda.

As America sets itself up to keep businesses operating within U.S. borders and to reshore operations from abroad, StateBook's comprehensive economic development data and tools offers businesses, policymakers and economic development organizations a trusted source to access and analyze thousands of data points for their specific needs - all characteristics crucial to corporate location decision-making in building sustainable operations and details American counties rely on when implementing economic development best practices.

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Winning Warehouse and Distribution Center Projects with Data

StateBook International discusses how the site location process for a warehouse/distribution project can be done faster and easier using their data platform which aggregates 63,000 data points. Even though many location factors must be determined before a thorough site location analysis can be performed, this new technology compares site location data among different locations, leveling the playing field for second-tier rail sites.

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America’s Deficient Bridges: A State-by-state Comparison 2016

StateBook Releases Report & Rankings on Bridges in the U.S. at IEDC Federal Forum

StateBook provides more than 63,000 comparable data points from 50+ aggregated sources for every community in the country by county, MSA, state and customized geographies. Our StateBook goals always include saving site selectors, businesses, and economic development organizations time and resources through organized, updated and trusted data. We also use data to shine a light on important issues related to economic development and investments.

With these goals in mind, we wanted to share with you the release of our inaugural report highlighting information and rankings on "America's Deficient Bridges: A State-by-State Comparison".

StateBook CEO Calandra Cruickshank presented this report at the International Economic Development Council 2016 Federal Forum analyzing 611,845 bridges throughout the U.S. with 134 fields of data recently released about these bridges from the Federal Highway Administration.

The StateBook report includes critical infrastructure issues vital to commerce and the economy in the U.S. and beyond.

StateBook also offers customized reporting, analysis and comparisons on locations and data in the U.S., including bridges.

As always, please contact us anytime with any questions and to maximize the power of StateBook for economic development and site selection.

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