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More than 90% of site selection decisions are made online, before EDOs are ever contacted. StateBook has standardized the data required for site selection decision-making, aggregating more than 63,000 data points for each community across the U.S. When you join as an EDO StateBook Member:

  • The StateBook Stats data for your community is activated on your StateBook microsite.
  • Your organization becomes discoverable on our interactive, GIS mapping platform and included in our Compare and Reporting tools for site selectors.
  • You can add your Sites & Buildings listings to our nationally searchable database for free.

As an EDO Member, you also gain access to a robust content management system on the back end that enables you to add your own editorial content, photos and more to showcase what is valuable about your region to site selection decision makers – even before you know you’re being considered for investment!

EDOs that join as StateBook Members also participate in the following Member Benefits:

Sustainable Revenue

StateBook shares 50% of the advertising revenue generated on your microsite. Businesses in your community, including banks, utilities, developers, universities, hospitals and many others, may wish to advertise on your microsite to get in front of our valuable audience of professional site selection consultants and corporations.

Increased Visibility

StateBook is marketed in partnership with Dun & Bradstreet to businesses and site selection professionals around the globe. Member EDOs may also be featured on the StateBook homepage, and interesting facts about your region may be broadcast on StateBook social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, to drive additional traffic to your organization.

State-of-the-Art GIS Technology Platform

Experience data at your fingertips! StateBook has aggregated more than 63,000 data points from more than 50 sources into an elegant mapping platform that enables site selectors to discover your region for the unique resources it offers.

Increased ROI

Gain access to robust analytics you can use to demonstrate to your stakeholders (elected officials and others) that your StateBook microsite is a proactive approach to promote economic development opportunities for your community.

StateBook Stats

Purchase the StateBook Stats API for your website to present uniform data to site selectors and decision makers interested in your region. StateBook Stats always contain the most up-to-date data available.

Meaningful Reports

EDO members may use StateBook data, charts, graphs, maps and photos to respond to RFI’s, create professional annual reports and more.

Quality of Life

Showcase the unique quality of life opportunities offered by your region on your microsite’s Lifestyle and Arts & Culture pages.

Monitor Your Competition

Use StateBook to compare your region to your competition to see how you measure up, then use that information to best position your region on your StateBook microsite.

Preferred Partners

Enjoy discounts from our Preferred Partners, beginning with our launch partner, Dun & Bradstreet. D&B’s Hoover’s Prospector can help Economic Development Agencies drive economic growth within their communities with access to in-depth information on over 85 million companies and 105 contact titles. StateBook members receive a 10% discount on Hoover’s Prospector. More Preferred Partner discounts will be coming soon.

Each EDO in the US has a free microsite on StateBook (or, if you’re not already in our database, you can add your organization for free).

When an EDO joins as a member of StateBook, the data in your StateBook Stats automatically populates for your community, and you gain access to the content management system (CMS) that enables you to easily add your own commentary, photos and more to your microsite to showcase your community to site selection decision makers and to companies interested in locating in your region.

EDOs can also claim their microsite’s for free, to become familiar with StateBook and the tools it provides for marketing your community, before you join as a member. Claimed EDOs can access the CMS and begin to add information to their microsite. Your information is saved, and will be available to the public once you join as a StateBook member.

Claiming your microsite is easy!

  1. Search for your EDO name using the search box below (or at the top of any page).
  2. Click on your EDO name in the drop down list, or click to “Add Your EDO” at the bottom of the list if you do not see it.
  3. On your EDO microsite page, click “Claim this site” in the blue box in the left hand column, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Claim Your Microsite Now!

Claim and manage your EDO microsite now by using the search feature below:

Please note: Once you’ve activated your profile, it will be reviewed and approved by StateBook. You are welcome to edit your microsite in the meantime, but you will only be able to publish your content once your organization joins as a StateBook EDO member.

To join as a paid EDO member of StateBook, please contact us at 845-383-1991 or admin@statebook.com.