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Invest Puerto Rico

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Why Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is a fertile business environment with diversified assets, a talented workforce, and incentives that make the Island a top choice for hundreds of companies with domestic and international presence. Puerto Rico boasts a robust biosciences sector with more than 50 years of experience, an emerging tech ecosystem made up of entrepreneurs, incubators, and accelerators, and world-class research that comes out of local universities and strengthens the already-talented labor force.

Puerto Rico poses great opportunities for businesses that want to invest here. The Island's elaborate incentive code covers nearly every industry and almost 95% of Puerto Rico qualifies as an opportunity zone. With easy access to the mainland US, Latin America, and Europe, Puerto Rico's talented bilingual workforce prove that Puerto Rico is the right place to base your business. There is high growth and high impact potential for every new project here. Come be a part of this economic movement, all while living on an island paradise.

Top & Targeted Industries

  • Professional, Scientific, And Technical Services
    Puerto Rico has a recognized strength in manufacturing, and we hope that sector continues to be fundamental to local economic growth. The global economy is shifting, however, and local economic priorities need to reflect the drive for knowledge-based services that improve the way that we do business. Invest Puerto Rico's emphasis on tech and knowledge-based sectors is aimed at attracting companies that can support a highly skilled talent pool, reduce costs for manufacturing operations, take advantage of local research and academics, encourage more entrepreneurs to explore business ideas, and be part of Puerto Rico's transformation into global economic leader in this new digital age.

Our People

Puerto Rico is home to more than 3 million US citizens (more populous than 20 states), with high density of technical and digital skills. The population is bilingual, bicultural, and highly educated. Local universities are consistently ranked some of the best in the US for chemical, industrial, and mechanical engineering and the biomedical sciences programs help feed a robust Puerto Rican biotech sector.

The extensiveness of technical and digital skills makes Puerto Rico a fertile nursing ground for tech startups, incubators, accelerators, and entrepreneurs exploring technological innovations.

Our Region

Puerto Rico is a unique developed economy that boasts the best business indicators in the region. For instance, Puerto Rico is ranked:

#3 in the world for highest value-added manufacturing per capita

#6 in the world in availability of scientists and engineers

#1 in Latin America and the Caribbean in intellectual property protection

#2 in Latin America and the Caribbean in the rate of digital skills amongst the population

#1 in Latin America and the Caribbean in rates of higher education and training

#1 in Latin America and the Caribbean in capacity for innovation and has the highest rate of companies using digital tools in the region

#1 in Latin America and the Caribbean in financial market development

On top of that, Puerto Rico has 13 seaports, 10 airports, and 3 international transshipment hubs for global transfer of cargo and passengers.

Programs and Incentives

Act 60, Puerto Rico's comprehensive incentives bundle, covers activities in nearly every industry while emphasizing individual investors, goods and services exports, and research and development. Some of the highlights of the law are:

4% Corporate Income Tax Rate
0% on Distribution of Dividends
75% exemption on Property Tax
75% exemption on Construction Taxes
50% exemption on municipal license taxes
50% tax credits for R&D

More information on Act 60 or other incentives, visit

Did You Know?

  • San Juan is the oldest city in the US, founded in 1509.
  • El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest in the US.
  • Arecibo, PR is home to the world's largest telescope.

Data Name Value Percent
Total Population 3,318,447  
Median Age 41.7  
Bachelor's Degree or Higher, Age 25+ 606,883 25.87%
High School Degree or Higher, Age 25+ 1,795,777 76.55%
Civilian Labor Force 1,225,447 44.42%
Median Household Income $20,539  
Major airports within area + 100 mile radius
Airport Name
Luis Munoz Marin Intl
Rafael Hernandez
Regional airports within area + 100 mile radius None
General aviation airports within area + 50 mile radius
Airport Name
Antonio Rivera Rodriguez
Antonio/Nery/Juarbe Pol
Benjamin Rivera Noriega
Dr Hermenegildo Ortiz Quinones
Eugenio Maria De Hostos
Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci
Jose Aponte De La Torre