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Eastern Oklahoma County Partnership

4601 N Choctaw Road
Choctaw, OK 73020
P: +1 405-390-5339

Workforce & Training

Within the heart of the Oklahoma City MSA, Oklahoma County provides a unique workforce mix of experienced aerospace, energy, manufacturing, and public administration professionals combined with recent college grads and more than 1,000 military retirees annually. The market is strengthened by a world class training and development program, cost-effective non-union labor, and superior engineering talent.

World Class Training & Workforce Development

Consistently ranked as one of the nation’s leading workforce training efforts, Oklahoma Career Tech offers the Training for Industry Program (TIP), which provides customized employee training for no or low cost to companies, including job-specific technical training, employee assessment, organizational design, strategic planning and much more. The program is a no-cost/low-cost way for new or growing companies that create jobs to get a skilled, focused and motivated workforce.

Cost Effective Non-Union Workforce

Oklahoma is a right-to-work to state and the average costs in the Oklahoma City MSA are 15% below the national average.

Large Concentration of Engineers

Oklahoma County ranks 5th highest per capita nationwide with approximately 7,000 workers in engineering occupations throughout the OKC MSA in multiple sectors. The engineering talent base is developed through engineering programs at University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University both located in the Oklahoma City MSA.

We at Eastern Oklahoma County Partnership are updating the information on this page. Check back soon!

We at Eastern Oklahoma County Partnership are updating the information on this page. Check back soon!

View workforce data for year:
View data for year:
* Minimum wage for workers covered by the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act. The Federal wage prevails if it is higher than the state standard.
Data Name Value
Right to Work State?
Oklahoma Yes
Minimum Wage
Oklahoma $7.25