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Why Harlan County, KY?

Harlan County is a rural community nestled in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky. Once dominated by the coal mining industry, Harlan County is now in a state of economic transition. We understand the importance of diversifying the economy, and with a large population of talented, hard-working people, Harlan County presents a great investment opportunity for industries looking to expand or relocate.

Our People

The people of Harlan County boast a wide array of talents and skills. Much of the workforce consists of retired or out-of-work coal miners. Harlan County also has a large arts community. Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College has two campuses located in Harlan County.

Our Region

Harlan County is located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains with rich forests, vast wildlife and beautiful tourist destinations such as Kingdom Come State Park and Pine Mountain Settlement School.

Did You Know?

Data Name Value Percent
Total Population 27,548  
Median Age 41.4  
Bachelor's Degree or Higher, Age 25+ 2,169 11.36%
High School Degree or Higher, Age 25+ 13,634 71.42%
Civilian Labor Force 8,460 38.60%
Median Household Income $24,451  
Major airports within area + 100 mile radius Tri-Cities
Regional airports within area + 100 mile radius None
General aviation airports within area + 50 mile radius
Airport Name
Hawkins County
Lee County
Lonesome Pine
Middlesboro-Bell County
New Tazewell Muni
Tucker-Guthrie Memorial
Wendell H Ford