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Harlan County has two public high schools, nine elementary schools and one private Christian school, as well as two campuses of Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College.


Harlan County High School
Harlan Independent Schools (Harlan city limits)
Black Mountain Elementary
Cumberland Elementary
Cawood Elementary
Evarts Elementary
Green Hills Elementary
James A. Cawood Elementary
Rosspoint Elementary
Wallins Elementary


Harlan County Christian School

Colleges and Universities

Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College

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Type Count
Public Schools 14
Primary 10
Name Count
Harlan County 8
Harlan Independent 2
Middle 0
High 3
Name Count
Harlan County 3
Other 1
Name Count
Harlan Independent 1
Not Specified 0
Private Schools 1
Elementary 1
Name Count
Other religion 1
Secondary 0
Combined 0
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