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Port of Muskogee

216 West Okmulgee
Muskogee, OK 74401
P: +1 918-682-7887


In 2016, the population in Muskogee's 45-minute drive time was 1,128,724. Between 2006 and 2016, the region's population grew at an annual average rate of 0.9%.T

he region has a civilian labor force of 539,750 with a participation rate of 62.9%. Of individuals 25 to 64 in the 45 minute drive time, 26.3% have a bachelor's degree or higher which compares with 31.3% in the nation.

The median household income in the 45 minute drive time is $47,853 and the median house value is $125,647.

Source: JobesEQ2017


Oklahoma Cost of Living
Oklahoma ranks #6 in Cost of Living according to CNBC's 2016 Top States for Doing Business.

Muskogee Cost of Living
Of approximately 260 communities participating in quarterly cost of living surveys for the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (C2ER), Muskogee received a year average ranking of #100 in 2016.   Consistently ranked in the top 10 in transportation cost, Muskogee's ranking for the 2016 average was #9.

Community Relations

The Muskogee Community Police Action Board (MCPAB) in conjunction with the Action In Muskogee (AIM) safe and Secure team have monthly Community Watch Forum meetings as well as work with citizens on other community outreach programs such as “Pop with a Cop. “Coffee with a Cop”, our “Extra Eyes” program and many more.. The Muskogee Police Department is committed to a partnership with the community and citizens of Muskogee. Come back often to see updates and to check on the times and locations of our next Community Watch Forum and other events.

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* Data is not collected in all areas. Data is shown from Muskogee OK.
Data Name Value
Composite Index 91.7
Grocery Index 99.3
Housing Index 78.5
Utilities Index 90.0
Transportation Index 82.2
Health Care Index 90.6
Goods & Services Index 102.4
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