Commerce Chenango

15 South Broad Street
Norwich, NY 13815
P: +1 607-334-1400
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Rails Served
120 Kemper Lane, Norwich, NY 13815

Open Manufacturing Space: 14ft Clear Height, 3 Phase, Heavy Electric Service. Office is Gas Heating - HVAC, Manufacturing Area is Radiant Heat. Property Served by on site Well & Septic, 2 Septic tanks Servicing Front & Rear of Building. Roof & Exterior Walls Insulated Metal Panels, 2 Docks, 1 Drive-in. Manufacturing Lighting, Hallde Vapor. Special Features: * Large Dedicated Drying Rooms * Paint Area, Fully Vented * Explosion Proof Lights in Spray Area * Compressed Air Lines to Equipment * Power Drops, * Dust Collection System (not included in sale but can be purchased separately) * Clear Span Building, No Columns * Natural Light in Manufacturing Area * Upper Storage Areas for Materials & Supplies * Executive Offices in Custom Woodwork * Walher Duct Throughout Front Offices for Running IT Wire * Shower in Executive Rest Room

  • Property Type: Building
  • Square Footage: 435,600
  • Purchase Price: $650,000.00
  • Lease Price: $0.00 / Sq Ft / Year
  • Categories:
    • Industrial
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Commercial
    • Storage/Warehouse
    • Office
50 West Main Street, Norwich, NY 13815

This property is formerly and office space on the first floor and the second floor is being rented out as a 2 bedroom apartment. It has beautiful wood work. It is centrally located in downtown Norwich, NY. Very convenient to run a business out of first floor.

  • Property Type: Building
  • Square Footage: 2,540
  • Purchase Price: $94,999.00
  • Categories:
    • Retail
    • Commercial
    • Office
    • Corporate
North Norwich Plaza, 6142 State Highway 12, Norwich, NY 13815

North Norwich Plaza is the next growth plaza for Norwich, NY. The plazas to the south are full making this a tremendous investment priced right for profitable gains down the road. 24 acres +/- for additional room with remendous parking available.

  • Property Type: Building
  • Square Footage:
  • Purchase Price: $800,000.00
  • Categories:
    • Commercial

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