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Enid Regional Development Alliance

2020 Willow Run, Suite 100
Enid, OK 73703
P: +5802334232

Top & Targeted Industries

  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing And Hunting
    For value added agricultural businesses, Enid is an excellent place to locate. Agriculture is thriving here, in part, due to our abundant natural resources and convenient transportation options. Companies like Consolidated Grain & Barge (CGB) are located here and they have become one of the largest shippers of grain on the inland river system. They operate a storage elevator and rail in Enid, part of a robust industry that has made Enid a premier destination in the agricultural sector. We have the largest storage capacity of any City in the U.S. not located on a Port. Our capacities and skilled workforce continues to draw agricultural based businesses here. The Enid Regional Development Alliance can be the resource you need to learn more about opportunities, relocate your business to Enid, or to get through challenging times. We are here to support you so reach out today.
  • Other Services (Except Public Administration)
    In Enid, we are proud of our aviation history and the role Vance Air Force Base has played in the history of our nation. We have an independent spirit in Oklahoma and nothing can be quite as liberating, or as thrilling, as taking to the skies. With many local pilots are based in the area, the aviation businesses serving the local community and base are thriving. For example, you can learn to fly by taking lessons from local companies. If you already own an airplane you can visit Enid businesses for aircraft maintenance and repair, including quality aircraft overhaul and testing. Flying is exciting, and in Enid it is also convenient. With Enid Woodring Regional Airport in town, you can easily become part of our aviation tradition by learning to fly or starting your own aviation business. For help moving to Enid, visit the Enid Regional Development Alliance.
  • Mining, Quarrying, And Oil And Gas Extraction
    Enid is central to 3 of the largest oil & gas play in this area of the country - the Mississippi Lime, the STACK Play, and the Canna-Woodford Shale. Home to multiple machine shops to support the needs of our service and manufacturing oil & gas businesses. Home to TP&L (Transportation Partners & Logistics) transload facility which is receiving and storing wind components for the forecasted demand in this area With the installation of the Clean Line Energy transmission line, over 2000 new wind turbines are predicted to be installed in northwest Oklahoma, southern Kansas, and northern Texas. These components will move through the transload facility in Enid. We are competing for a wind blade manufacture to locate in Enid. The demand for wind blades world-wide is currently greater than the supply. With this area of the country leading the way in wind development, it makes sense to locate a manufacturing facility in Enid. Oklahoma is now 3rd in the nation in installed wind capacity Oklahoma is in the top 4 of states with the most sunshine and has plenty of open spaces to locate solar farms

Our People

The businesses that call Enid home do so because the strength of our economy is in our people; and the people of Enid know how to get the job done! We have an incredibly hardworking and diverse population that contributes to our strong workforce as well as the unique culture of Enid. There is a place waiting just for you! What are you waiting for?

Join Our Community

It’s easy to brag about the growth happening in Enid over the past several years; and there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight. Enid, OK is a growing community located north of Oklahoma City in Central Oklahoma. Despite the downturn in oil & gas prices, our labor force is growing, our unemployment rate is level, our population is still increasing, and new companies are looking at moving to Enid. Here are just a few specifics that we are most excited about!
  • 63,091 is the population of the Enid MSA
  • Enid is the 7th largest retail market in Oklahoma with over $900 million in retail sales
  • Over $1.4 billion in construction projects are underway
  • New corporate headquarters are moving into our community

Data Name Value Percent
Total Population 62,190  
Median Age 36.0  
Bachelor's Degree or Higher, Age 25+ 9,072 22.40%
High School Degree or Higher, Age 25+ 35,716 88.19%
Civilian Labor Force 29,525 62.19%
Median Household Income $51,332  
Major airports within area + 100 mile radius
Airport Name
Stillwater Rgnl
Will Rogers World
Regional airports within area + 100 mile radius None
General aviation airports within area + 50 mile radius
Airport Name
Blackwell-Tonkawa Muni
Cherokee Muni
Christman Airfield
Decker Field
Enid Woodring Rgnl
Fairview Muni
Homestead Farms
Medford Muni
Perry Muni
Pond Creek Muni