Fulton County Center for Regional Growth

34 West Fulton Street
Gloversville, NY 12078
P: +1 518-725-7700 x101

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Fulton County is home to a cluster of food manufacturers drawn to its lush resources and able workforce. Its central location to Northeast markets has also attracted distribution facilities from top retail chains and manufacturers of diverse products.
Fulton County was the first to invest in creation of a major wastewater treatment plant to transform FAGE’s yogurt manufacturing byproduct, whey, into combustive fuel. FAGE is now expanding that 1.5 million gallon tank to support the doubling of its manufacturing capacity.
CG Roxane has started 6 plants all over USA since 1990. The location was
appropriated to increase our sales on North East Coast.
Our Johnstown source is surrounded by two natural watersheds and 2,500 acres of protected natural forest. Nearby Adirondack State Park is the state’s 6 million acre natural jewel of mountain forests, winding rivers and glistening lakes. Simply put, It’s one of New York’s most stunning nature preserves.