Allegany County Office of Development

Allegany County Office of Development

6087 NYS Route 19 North
Belmont, NY 14813
P: +1 585-268-7472

Total Area

Allegany County covers a total of 1,034 square miles. Approximately five (5) square miles of that is covered by water, leaving 1,029 square miles of land with much to discover. 


The Genesee River bisects Allegany County flowing North into Lake Ontario. Water drains and moves on to the St. Lawrence River where it eventually flows into the Atlantic Ocean. It also moves West via the Canacadea Creek, into the Canisteo River, on to the Susquehanna and finally resting in the Chesapeake Bay.

The Genesee is a popular fishing spot and has become an eco-tourism destination with several pocket parks and kayak launches recently constructed through out Allegany County.


There are several small lakes and ponds suited for fishing, reserve, camping, and other activities. However, there are two recreational lakes in Allegany County with beach area, boat launches, with many homes and cottages surrounding them.

Cuba Lake was constructed in 1858 and covers approximately 445 acres, located two miles north of Cuba Village, while Rushford Lake was constructed in 1927 east of Rushford and covers 585 acres.

Geographic Features

Alma Hill located in Wellsville is the highest point in Allegany County with an elevation of 2,548' above sea level. This is the highest point west of the Catskill Mountains in New York State.