Allegany County Office of Development

Allegany County Office of Development

6087 NYS Route 19 North
Belmont, NY 14813
P: +1 585-268-7472


Broadband services are currently available in most towns and villages through Time-Warner, Verizon, Frontier and Southern Tier Wireless.

Allegany County is working on building our broadband services by offering a county-wide platform that will service hard to reach areas through the 911 emergency management communication system. The new system is expected to be fully functional in 2017.

DSL lines and satellite services are also offered to areas that are not serviced by other broadband connections.

Energy Utilities

New Yorkers have had the opportunity to shop for their electricity provider. The New York Public Service Commission (PSC) started by ‘unbundling’ your energy bill, separating charges for delivering energy to your home or business from charges for the energy itself. It’s in the energy, or commodity, charges that you can choose an alternate provider.

Alternate electric providers, known as Energy Service Companies, or ESCOs, in New York, compete for your business in most utility areas, including National Grid & New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG). In New York, each utility continues to offer what is called ‘default service,’ or service to customers who have never shopped for an energy provider. This default service serves as a benchmark for pricing in the market.

Villages of Angelica, Andover and Wellsville offer municipal electricity rates. While other areas are offered services by National Grid, NYSEG and RG&E.

Natural gas service is offered through National Fuel to some areas; however many homes choose to use fuel oil or wood as an energy source. Recently, homes and a few businesses have converted to solar energy as well.


There are several municipalities within Allegany County that provide water service; however, commercial services and rates vary. Those areas not served by municipal water are either required to use spring water if one is available or make use of a water well.


Similar to water services, sewer is offered by several municipalities in Allegany County. Areas not served by municipal sewer often have a septic system on site or may require one upon development.


National Fuel is the main supplier of natural gas in Allegany County. In areas where there are no natural gas lines, consumers often choose to use wood or fuel oil as an alternate source of energy.

* Best efforts, no guaranteed speed.
  Consumer Down Up Business
All Broadband Yes 1000 1000 Yes
Providers (18)
  Consumer Down Up Business
Armstrong Telecommunications, Inc. Yes 1000 1000 Yes
Armstrong Telephone Company-NY Yes 100 100 Yes
Charter Communications Yes 1000 35 Yes
FirstLight Fiber, Inc. No 0 0 Yes
Frontier Communications Corporation Yes 115 7 Yes
GCI Communication Corp. No 0 0 Yes
HNS License Sub, LLC Yes 25 3 Yes
MHG Telco LLC Yes 100 5 Yes
PAETEC Communications, Inc. No 0 0 Yes
Southern Tier Wireless Yes 20 10 Yes
Spectrotel, Inc. No 0 0 Yes
T-Mobile USA, Inc. Yes 25 3 Yes
Verizon Business Global LLC dba Verizon Business No 0 0 Yes
Verizon New York Inc. Yes 15 1 Yes
ViaSat, Inc. Yes 100 3 Yes
VSAT Systems, LLC. Yes 2 1.30 Yes
XO Communications Services, LLC No 0 0 Yes
Zito Media Yes 1000 25 No
Technologies (8)
  Consumer Down Up Business
ADSL2, ADSL2+ Yes 18 1 Yes
Asymmetric xDSL Yes 15 1 Yes
Cable Modem – DOCSIS 3.1 Yes 1000 35 Yes
Optical Carrier / Fiber to the end user Yes 1000 1000 Yes
Other Copper Wireline No 0 0 Yes
Satellite Yes 100 3 Yes
Terrestrial Fixed Wireless Yes 100 10 Yes
VDSL Yes 115 7 Yes
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Natural gas prices are only available at the state level. Prices are average prices for the reporting period. EIA does not maintain data on the service territory of natural gas utilities.

Natural Gas Data (Price Per Thousand Cubic Feet)

State Commercial Residential Industrial
New York $7.91 $13.78 $8.38