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Largest Employers

  • Amsterdam Printing & Litho Distribution Center employs 363 people
  • Beechnut Distribution Center employs 276 people
  • Kasson Keller Keymark Headquarters employs 795 people
  • Liberty Enterprises Headquarters employs 675 people
  • St. Marys Healthcare Headquarters employs 1447 people
  • Target Distribution Distribution Center employs 662 people


Ag District Overview
Montgomery County has long recognized the importance of agriculture. To place additional protection on our valuable agricultural lands, the first agricultural district was created in 1975 in Montgomery County. The County currently has 3 separate agricultural districts, which cover approximately 176,000 acres or about 2/3 of the County. These districts consist of viable agricultural lands, or, in other words, lands that are currently used for agriculture or may be used for agriculture in the future. Therefore, agricultural districts may include not just farm fields, but also residential, forested, and commercial properties.

Agribusiness and Economics