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History & Heritage

Pioneers Museum -- Imperial, CA
The Site of Rancho El Tecolote  -- Holtville, CA

"Prolific author Harold Bell Wright purchased 160 acres here in 1907. While living in a tent he built Rancho El Tecolote, constructing a woven arrow weed studio in 1908 and a ranch house in 1909. From 1907 to 1916 he wrote three best sellers, including the historical novel, The Winning of Barbara Worth, a chronicle of desert reclamation and the Colorado River flood of 1905. As Wright’s most successful and important book, it brought the Imperial Valley and its agricultural wealth to the attention of the nation. The book’s heroine Barbara Worth became an icon for the region."


In 2005, the Imperial Valley Mall was opened creating employment opportunities for many retailers along with a shopping center for many local and international consumers from Mexicali. This commercial center continues to grow by adding more stores and restaurants to attract more consumers. By adding more shopping and dining options, a more diverse atmosphere is created for domestic and global customers.