Harrodsburg prides itself on its rich historical ties. There are many performances and events that are tied to the history of the area. 

You can check out what is happening in our town by logging on to our website and previewing the events calendar! 


Harrodsburg is home to James Harrod the Battle for Kentucky historical drama produced by the Friends of Fort Harrod.  It is also home to Ragged Edge Community Theatre. Please visit the webpage for more information about shows. Support your local arts!


Harrodsburg is home to the Fort Harrod Jazz Festival that is hosted by the Chamber of Commerce! The festival is held every 3rd weekend in September at Fort Harrod State Park.
Please visit the https://www.facebook.com/FortHarrodJazzFest?fref=ts or more information:


Harrodsburg is home to the Mansion Museum which is a home that features time period artifacts and heirlooms. Also,Fort Harrod State Park is a wonderful step back in to the settler and pioneer days.
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Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill is a beautiful historical landmark enriched with Shaker artifacts and preserved history. Just a few short minutes outside of Harrodsburg and well worth the drive!
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The Arts Council of Mercer County encourages local artists to participate in festivals and showings of their profession.

Please visit the webpage to find out more about what is happening at the ACMC:

Programs for Children & Family

Programs are run through the Mercer Area Family and Wellness, Mercer Transformation and school systems. Family Resource and Youth Services Centers provide opportunities for all families as well as Cradle School for those with younger children. Please contact Mercer Area Family and Wellness or school systems for more information.

The Conover Education Center of Campbellsville University hosts summer STEM camps for children as well as dual credit programs for senior high students. 

Events and Festivals

Harrodsburg and Mercer County is home to several festivals throughout the summer and fall! 

The Kentucky Beef Festival is hosted in late May at the fairgrounds in Mercer County. 

The Pioneer Days Festival is hosted the 3rd weekend in August at the Fort Harrod State Park and is the largest family festival in the county drawing 20,000 people. 

The world class Fort Harrod Jazz Festival is hosted the 3rd weekend in September at the Fort Harrod State Park. It is in conjunction with the Kentucky Artisan Expo all during the festival.

Please visit our website and event calendar for more info: 

Did You Know?

  • The Beef Festival is a one of a kind of celebration in the State!
  • The Fort Harrod Jazz Festival includes the Kentucky Artisan Festival. World class music and juried art are available all weekend!

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