• Over 30% of those employed in Harrodsburg/Mercer County are employed in the manufacturing industry. The county average in KY is only 11%.
  • Harrodsburg/Mercer County (Corning, Inc.) is the only place in the USA where "Gorilla Glass", the glass on your cell phone, is made.
  • Another interesting fact is that everyone knows you or your family and you have connections with people that last a lifetime.
  • Did you know the Mercer Chamber embarked on a 7 year journey to bring higher education to our community culminating in a Center of Campbellsville University!

  • The Beef Festival is a one of a kind of celebration in the State!
  • The Fort Harrod Jazz Festival includes the Kentucky Artisan Festival. World class music and juried art are available all weekend!

  • In Mercer County we get more precipitation in the summer months than in the winter.
  • Mercer County springs are absolutely gorgeous!

  • The Wayman Institute started in 1890 was the 1st Junior College for African American students was started by Historic St. Peter AME Church in Harrodsburg.
  • Campbellsville University is beginning to offer classes in Mercer County

  • The University of Kentucky was established in 1865 as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of the Kentucky University. The Kentucky University had been established in Harrodsburg in 1858.
  • College Street in Harrodsburg once again hosts a college.

  • Harrodsburg is one of the most historical cities in the state of Kentucky.
  • There is a Holiday Home Tour annually so that you can visit various historical home in the area.
  • See a sampling of residential districts at www.mercerchamber.com under the RELOCATION tab.

  • New industry and business incentives are offered at the state and local level and are varied according to type and size of entity. For more information, call HMCIDA at (859) 734-0063.

  • The Mercer Cooperative Extension, Farm Bureau, Conservation District and the Mercer Chamber host a Farm City Celebration every year.

  • The first revival outside of the colonies "The Wilderness Revival" happened in Harrodsburg in April and May 1776.
  • The land of the Conover Education Center was in an area of Dutch settlement where the oldest standing church building (1800) in Mercer is located. That is the Old Mud Meeting House and school.

  • Mercer County has one of the lowest property tax rates in the state of Kentucky.
  • The City of Burgin has just put in a sewer system.
  • Mercer County's unemployment rate of 4.9% is one of the lowest in the state of Kentucky.

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