Locally James B. Haggin Memorial Hospital is the medical center and regionally Ephraim McDowell Wellness offer all areas of health care options for any need.

Key Initiatives

The Mercer Chamber of Commerce and partners worked to bring an institution of higher education back to our area.  2016 the Conover Education Center of Campbellsville University began and now has two buildings and houses the Mercer Chamber as their partner as well as Mercer Adult Education.

Lifestyle & Resources

Mercer County has several fitness centers, biking and kayaking groups and hiking at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill.  Horse back riding with Big Red Stables is very popular.  Find many recreational and fitness opportunities at www.mercerchamber.com

Did You Know?


Mercer County is served by the Mercer County Health Department and the James B. Haggin Memorial hospital. Both agencies are committed to serving a healthier population and practice preventative health initiatives.

Healthcare Facilities

Harrodsburg is served by Haggin Memorial Hospital. The hospital is noted for its up to date patient care. Please contact them at (859) 734-5441.
The Mercer County Health Department maintains a full time staff that is committed to healthier lifestyles and community health initiatives. Please contact the Health Dept. at (859) 734-4522.

Health Professional Shortage Areas

Healthcare is one career area that is always a viable solution to the workforce. Please call Haggin Hospital or the Mercer County Health Dept. for further details.

Workforce Programs

Mercer Co. Adult Education creates opportunities for careers in health care such as Phlebotomy Tech. Please call Adult Ed. for more details.

We at Mercer County - Powered by Inter County Energy Cooperative are updating the information on this page. Check back soon!

Data Name Value
Premature Age Adjusted Motality 472
Poor Physical Health Days per Month 4.6
Poor Mental Health Days per Month 4.4
Fair/Poor Health 19.87%
Smokers 20.21%
Obesity 34.80%
Excessive Drinking 14.00%
Diabetes 14.10%
Inactivity 31.10%
Population to Primary Care Physician 2,685:1
Data Name Value
Population < Age 65 Insured 93.60%
Population < Age 65 Uninsured 6.70%


Hospital Name Type Owner ER
The James B. Haggin Memorial Hospital Critical Access Hospitals Voluntary non-profit - Other Yes
Data Name Value
Drinking Water Violation No
Fine Particulate Matter - Average daily PM25 N/A
Air Quality (days)
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Toxins or Other Releases (lbs.)
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