Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership

2911 Route 9
Malta, NY 12020
P: +1 518-871-1887


Saratoga County is one of fastest growing counties in New York State. Almost the entire population over the age of 25 has a high school diploma, which places Saratoga County markedly higher than New York State and national averages.

Other demographics to note:

  • Malta ranks number one in the region with residents who possess advanced degrees.
  • Poverty rates are substantially below New York State and national average.
  • Household income and net worth are higher than the national average
  • The largest percentage of the population consists of White, Non-Hispanics.
  • The majority of the residents of Saratoga County were born in the United States with English spoken as the primary language.
  • There is almost an even distribution of men and women in the county.
  • The number of married individuals is noticeably higher than the national average.
  • The median age is also a few years older than the national median age.

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