Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership

2911 Route 9
Malta, NY 12020
P: +1 518-871-1887

Family Size

The average family size in Saratoga County is slightly smaller (2.45 people), but very close to the national average (2.69 people). 

Household Income Characteristics

The median income for Saratoga County residents is 8th highest in the state (Manhattan is 7th) and is over 15% higher than the remainder of the state.

Poverty rates are the 3rd lowest in the states; and the unemployment rate is 4th lowest in the state.

The average household net worth is over $500,000.


CNN Cost of Living Calculator

With an overall cost of living that is close to the national average and groceries and utilities well below other U.S. locations, Saratoga County provides an affordable lifestyle that is within a few hours of some of the largest East Coast cities—New York City and Boston. The percentage of households with housing costs that exceed 30% of their income is well below the state and national average.


The crime index is well below the national average in Saratoga County

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* Data is not collected in all areas. Data is shown from Albany NY.
Data Name Value
Composite Index 110.2
Grocery Index 109.1
Housing Index 114.7
Utilities Index 90.7
Transportation Index 107.2
Health Care Index 98.0
Goods & Services Index 114.9
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