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Tax Advantages

NYS Taxes & Incentives

Firm’s looking to expand or relocate will find and abundance of tax and other incentives. Whether it is sales tax, real estate tax, personal income tax, or corporate taxes, New York State and Saratoga County offer some of the most generous tax abatements in the Northeast. Investors in Qualified Emerging Technology Companies may receive substantial tax incentives.

Historic Property Tax Credit for Income Producing Properties

  • Federal Tax Credit for Income Producing Properties
  • New York State Rehabilitation Tax Credit for Commercial Properties
  • New York State Tax Credit for Income Producing Properties

Did You Know?

  • New York State has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the Northeast United States.
  • The STARTUP-NY program allows businesses expanding or relocating on college campuses real estate tax exemptions for up to 10 years.
  • You can contact Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership to determine which tax incentives may be available for your business.

Data Name Value
State Tax Ranks (New York)
Overall 49
Corporate Tax 13
Individual Income Tax 48
Sales Tax 43
Unemployment Insurance Tax 46
Property Tax 38
State Sales Tax Rates (New York)
Sales Tax 4.000%
Are Localities Permitted to Define the Tax Base? No
State Unemployment Insurance Tax Rates (New York)
Minimum 1.3000%
Maximum 9.1000%
Taxable Wage Base $11,400
Most Favorable Schedule - Minimum 0.0000%
Most Favorable Schedule - Maximum 5.9000%
Least Favorable Schedule - Minimum 1.5000%
Least Favorable Schedule - Maximum 8.9000%
State Property & Capital Stock Tax Rates (New York)
Property Tax Collections Per Capita $2,782
Property Tax Collections - Percentage of Income 4.57%
Capital Stock Tax Rate 0.050%
Capital Stock Maximum Payment $5,000,000
Payment Options for CST and CIT Pay highest
Real Estate Taxes
Median Real Estate Taxes Paid   $4,101
State Income Tax Rates (New York)
≥ $0 6.500%
Individual (Ordinary Income)  
≥ $0 4.000%
≥ $8,500 4.500%
≥ $11,700 5.250%
≥ $13,900 5.900%
≥ $21,400 6.210%
≥ $80,650 6.490%
≥ $215,400 6.850%
≥ $1,077,550 8.820%